Supercapacitor made of forest waste

The “S-Power 2S” is a supercapacitor for the IoT market made from bio-based materials. Produced in a roll-to-roll method which allows for ultra-thin supercapacitors, that are not only more efficient but also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Supercapacitor produced in Sweden

Developed in their facilities in central Norrköping, the Ligna supercapacitor is a product that realizes the concept of green and safe energy storage. It is typically embedded into connected sensors in buildings, but because of how compact it is, the supercapacitor may be integrated with a variety of low-power applications.

Lignas products integrated

‘Ben’ is a demonstrator brought to life by three Swedish companies, Epishine, Ligna & Ynvisible. Ben is a sensor device that harvests energy from indoor light and stores it in a supercapacitor called S-Power. It measures temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide and sends the data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It has a display that shows an alert when a threshold of carbon dioxide is reached and shows the temperature.

Invest in a sustainable capacitor that may help you reach your ESG goals!

This next-generation supercapacitor is employed by businesses that want to make a difference. This product emphasizes sustainability, both on its own but also by being optimized to be paired with an energy harvester. The S-Power 2S is a great way to meet your company’s ESG goals as it significantly reduces its Your actions are essential to benefit from the earth’s resources!

Built-in supercapacitor.

Ligna Energy – for a better tomorrow

Putting an emphasis on innovation and sustainability Ligna Energy created the S-Power series, which paves the path for a more sustainable future. Ligna Energy is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow with a team of passionate engineers and product developers. This is why partnering with Ligna makes perfect sense and is truly exciting for us at Sparq.

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