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About Sparq

To be a part of the CEBON group means having over 35 years of expertise in the battery industry. But with the new perspective of a startup business and rapid market expansion in Europe.

We collaborate with our clients to create a meaningful journey, where our products make a positive impact on both businesses and society as a whole.

Join us in shaping a better future – together, we can make a difference!

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What we offer

Litium batteries have become the preferrable energy source in many industrial applications. For us at Sparq, it is crucial to exclusively use sustainable lithium produced by trusted battery manufacturers. From single cell to a complete energy system – our goal is to find the option that will ultimately lead to success. Not only for us, but for the client who chose to trust our expertise.

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Energy Storage System

From portable systems and systems adapted for small to middle-sized households, to systems adapted for multi-unit housing, offices, and shopping malls.

Industrial batteries.

Industrial Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries for a wide range of industrial applications. Manufactured by licensed producers with all required certificates for European market.


Maritime Energy Storage

Energy storage system for maritime made of safe and reliable LiFePO4 batteries. Optimized for clients’ applications and customized requirements.


Green Technology

A supercapacitor made of forest waste – it is not only more efficient but contributes also to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Our vision is to

Facilitate and support the transformation of the society towards sustainable energy solutions.

Words from the team

“We take pride in supporting our customers in triggering their Energy Transition.”

Anass Himmich
Sales Manager, France

“It´s thrilling to be a part of this journey in a competivie macrotrend enviroment.”

Luca Negri
Sales Manager, Italy

“We believe our products will have an impact on future generations.”

Victor Olsson
Sales Manager, Nordics


Our origins


Our origins lie in Gothenburg, Sweden, a city known for its thriving innovation and technology sector, home to numerous active companies. The success of our business relies on a strong desire for freedom – the freedom to pursue our true beliefs. Even after all these years, this ambition remains our greatest driving force.

Our mission is to

Aid companies, with our expertise as well as passion for technology and innovation, to develop and source sustainable energy solutions.

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