We ignite tomorrow.

About Sparq.

To be a part of the CEBON group means having over 35 years of expertise in the battery industry. But with the new perspective of a startup business and rapid market expansion in Europe. Sparq is a battery provider with a mindset that no project is too small, and no demands are too big for us to take care of.       

Our vision is to

Facilitate and support the transformation of the society towards sustainable energy solutions.

We value our core values.



Quality is one of our core values. It shall be reflected in every step of our process and in all of the final products that we deliver to our customers.



Our deep knowledge of technology and energy solutions is our greatest strength. Our expertise within the field contributes to products of the highest quality.



Technology and innovation is our passion. We are always at the forefront of technology, curious to learn new things and explore new opportunities.



We aimn to be sustainable in everything that we do. Sustainable energy solutions contribute to creating a better environment, this is of utmost importance to us.



We believe that long-term business is a key to success. Through an open communication, cooperation and respect, we stay together for a long time.

Our mission is to

Aid companies, with our expertise as well as passion for technology and innovation, to develop and source sustainable energy solutions.

With all competence inhouse


The quality and cost will always be the most important when choosing a battery supplier. But the right competence is what makes your next project success. By providing a professional expertise, all within the same company, you will never have to worry about missing a thing.


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