Battery storage System

What is Energy Storage System?

Simply explained, energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time, which can be used at a later time when you need it.

Sometimes it involves converting energy from forms that are difficult to store to more conveniently or economically storable forms. The need for energy storage systems is increasing rapidly due to a rising need for energy, especially from renewable energy sources. As the world population grows, so does the industrial sector.

Batteries in the green environment.

Sustainable energy

The major energy source of today is fossil fuel and is as well-known damaging our planet through high CO2 emissions. Hence more sustainable power sources are in dire need. Examples of such energy sources are hydro, solar, and wind, but not all countries have access to hydropower plus wind and solar are very dependent on the weather. This can create intermittent power disruptions and to fill these power gaps an ESS* can be the right solution. In this way, you can store the energy during periods of high energy input or lower demand and distribute the power during periods of low energy input and higher demand.

Customized energy solutions

Energy storage systems have many different application areas such as telecom backup, data center UPS’ or EPS’, or end-consumer products such as power boxes connected to solar panels for EV charging. ESS gives you the possibility to store energy from environmental energy sources such as solar panels.

If you want to know more about ESS and how we can support you in your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us or look around at our website for more information.

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