Give batteries a new life – a partnership between Sparq and Cling Systems.

Sparq and Cling Systems, a Swedish startup focused on enabling repurposing, reusing, and recycling end-of-life batteries, have announced a new partnership to provide sustainable battery solutions to businesses across Europe.  

Sparq is committed to sustainability with a strong aim to make tomorrow better. We are always looking for opportunities to partner with innovative businesses that contribute to a positive impact on the climate. What´s fantastic about Cling´s concept is their approach with making each battery to live up to its potential. We at Sparq find this concept very valuable for our clients around Europe”, says Olle Pihl, Technical Sales at Sparq. 

“The quality of the Sparq team and their ethos of facilitating sustainable energy solutions is a fantastic fit for Cling. We’re very excited for all the potential benefits this could bring to the ecosystem and use cases such as energy storage for second life batteries are growing in importance,” says David Hjelmström, Sales Specialist at Cling Systems.  

Both Sparq and Cling Systems are optimistic about the future of sustainability in the battery industry.  


“We are witnessing a growing demand for sustainable solutions from our clients. The Nordics have a long history of embracing green initiatives, and we are committed to leading the way in sustainable battery solutions across Europe”, Olle concludes.  

This partnership between Sparq and Cling Systems marks a significant step towards a more sustainable battery industry. By providing businesses with access to innovative recycling and repurposing solutions, the two companies are helping to reduce the environmental impact of batteries and promote a more circular economy. 

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