Sparq partners with CheckWatt to elevate renewable energy practices.

Sparq has signed an agreement with Swedish aggregator CheckWatt for the possibility to offer modern solutions within renewable energy production. This collaboration aims to assist various entities in balancing the grid by making the energy storage systems available where they create the most value. 

The demand for renewable energy remains steadfast across Europe. Businesses increasingly recognize the value of investing in robust systems that ensure electricity self-sufficiency, ultimately reducing overall operational costs. Our battery solutions enable individuals to store electricity for future consumption. Partnering with CheckWatt extends a compelling offer that benefits both industries and private consumers, promising substantial returns on investment, says Victor Olsson, Sales Manager at Sparq.  

CheckWatt comments on the collaboration, emphasizing the shared commitment to sustainability and longevity.  

“Being situated in Gothenburg, a city honored for its sustained recognition as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities, both Sparq and CheckWatt understand the importance of responsible energy practices. This partnership amplifies our collective efforts in enabling a 100% renewable energy transition. We’re excited to join forces with Sparq in delivering cutting-edge solutions that contribute to a greener future,” states Olle Mattsson, Business Developer at CheckWatt. 

Beyond the Nordic region, our battery solutions have gained significant traction in Italy, France, and Belgium. Interest in our Swedish roots and sustainability processes is high among companies we engage with. Upholding our commitment to high-quality service offerings to our clients, we chose to collaborate with CheckWatt—a reputable company dedicated to longevity and sustainability, Victor Olsson concludes.  

CheckWatt adds,Our partnership with Sparq aligns seamlessly with our mission to facilitate a widespread transition to renewable energy. By combining Sparq’s innovative battery solutions with CheckWatt’s expertise in renewable energy aggregation, we aim to make substantial contributions to a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.” 

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