Industrial batteries.

Industrial batteries tailored for diverse applications like IoT, industrial forklifts, AGVs, energy storage system, and medical equipment. Our batteries guarantee superior performance and an extended lifespan. We meticulously select battery cells for industrial purposes based on project-specific needs, application demands, and client preferences.

Ensuring optimal functionality for every project.

Lithium – ion batteries for industrial use

The lithium-ion batteries built for industrial applications have a high energy density and a lightweight design. Our professional engineers assist in selecting the most suitable battery cell based on specific applications and client needs. Sparq specializes in providing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for applications demanding high power and extended lifespans. Additionally, for applications requiring sustained low-current power over extended periods, Sparq offers primary Lithium thionyl chloride cells in bobbin or spiral variations.

Don’t know which cells to select?

Industrial rechargeable batteries

Nickel Manganese Cobalt

Lithium-ion NMC & NCA batteries are suitable for industrial applications that require high power due to the high energy density this chemistry provides. Power tools, AGVs, electric bikes, and motorbikes are a few examples of application fields.

Lithium Polymer

LiPo cells are ideal for applications that need a certain design or dimension because of their form. Similar to other lithium-ion cells they have a high energy density and long lifespan.

Lithium Prismatic cells

Compact and lightweight Lithium Iron Phospahe prismatic cells are ideal for portable, mobile, stationary or EV applications. Expected to operate for more than 4 000 cycles in optimal working conditions. Maintenance free with very low internal resistance. 

Lithium Iron Phosphate

LFP cells are resistant to degradation and can sustain high temperatures. The cell performance criteria is special and unique, including specific energy, specific power, safety, performance, longevity, and cost.

AGV – Batteries

With integrated safety features and 50 % higher run time these AGV batteries are designed to meet the cost, performance, and durability requirements of the rugged warehouse environment. Maintenance free with 1–3-year ROI. 

Lead Acid Replacement

Safe and light Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries perfectly fitted for applications including solar/wind energy systems, UPS battery backups, medical equipment, and telecommunication systems. Maintenance-free batteries with more than 2000 cycles.  

Industrial primary batteries

Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Lithium Thionyl Chloride cells have a high energy density and voltage. They are long-lasting and can operate in both high and low temperatures. SPARQ’s assortment comprises both spiral and bobbin cells.

Rechargeable Lithium batteries – advantages

Due to the various advantages of lithium batteries, many industries have switched from using traditional lead acids. In comparison to lead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have an energy density that is 2–10 times greater and can withstand up to 5000 cycles. With a 10-year lifespan on average, lithium batteries are an excellent choice for many industrial applications. Lithium-ion batteries charge in a few minutes to three hours and may be used in any weather conditions.

Lithium-ion NMC

Lithium-ion LFP

Industrial batteries stored in Sweden

Since the beginning of our company, we have demonstrated our capacity to deal with various clients that have various demands. The big warehouse in Swedish Sörred where the batteries are stored and quality controlled before being delivered to clients is one of our company’s primary assets.

Why it matters? Well, not only is it beneficial for the customer to have a shorter supply chain. But it also benefits the climate. Because nothing is as much important as the environment. And with a better overview over the whole process of managing the batteries we are hoping to contribute to more sustainable sales.

Application areas

Application area

Energy storage.

Our product assortment contains both small scale and large scale energy storage systems. Everything from small portable systems and systems adapted for small to middle sized households, to systems adapted for multi-unit housing, offices and shopping malls. We even offer containers for large scale production.

Application area

Internet of things.

IoT includes a lot of different application areas, such as home automation, telematics, smart city and more. Our solutions can support most networks and offer customized solutions to fit your project. Besides the energy solution, we also offer customized HMI solutions, such as touch screens, TFT LCD screens and OLED screens.

Application area


High-performance batteries designed for automated guided vehicles. From standard to customized options Lithium Iron Phosphate technology ensure extended run time, exceptional durability, and low maintenance. With integrated safety features and specialized charge/discharge management, our batteries are engineered for the demands of warehouse operations.

Application area


Electric transportation such as boats, bikes, motorcycles, and golf cars require great power and light weight.

Our energy solutions also include an intelligent battery management system, fast charge and a long life cycle. We can create a customized lithium-ion solution for you, depending on your application and requirements.

We also provide your project with charging equipment, harness and HMI solutions.

Application area

Lead acid replacement.

We can help you replace your existing lead acid battery with a lithium-ion alternative. A lithium-ion solution will significantly extend the lifetime and provide up to ten times longer life cycle. The weight of a lithium-ion battery is one third compared to lead acid, it gives you both a longer shelf-life and less cost per cycle.

Application area

Medical technology.

We can customize solutions for technical equipment within the field of medical technology. Depending on the application, we offer complete energy solutions including charger, screens, and intelligent battery management systems.

Application area


We provide standard and customized solutions for forklifts with a lithium-ion battery.  The solution will make it possible to recharge faster, give the forklift a longer lifespan and it doesn’t require maintenance. Besides the energy solution we also offer customized HMI solutions, harness and charging equipment.

Application area


We have long experience within the field of lighting and can provide energy solutions for a wide range of application areas such as:

  • Solar streetlamps: A growing area are solar driven streetlamps; we can help you with the complete energy solution including harness and the solar panels.
  • Flashlights and headlamps: Rechargeable flashlights and headlamps require light weight, small space, and wide temperature range. We have done a project with LEDX and created a solution together with them including both the battery pack and charger, for more information please check our references.

Application area

Floor scrubbers.

In our assortment, we have standard and customized lithium-ion solutions for floor scrubbers. With lithium-ion you get faster recharge, a longer lifespan and it doesn’t require maintenance. Besides the energy solution we can also offer customized HMI solutions, harness and charging equipment.

Application area

Power tools.

Power tools requires light and small battery solutions with a wide temperature range. Our lithium-ion solutions give you a product with high power, quick recharge, and long runtime. The battery can be customized to fit your product and requirements, regardless of whether it is an existing product or a product under development.

Other offers from Sparq

As a complete supplier of energy solutions, we work on both small and big projects for a variety of demands. In addition to single cells and industrial battery packs, we provide energy storage to residential buildings and medium- and large-sized enterprises that believe in contributing to a sustainable future.

ESS container

Energy storage systems

From portable systems and systems adapted for small to middle-sized households, to systems adapted for multi-unit housing, offices, and shopping malls.


Complementary products

Displays, chargers, and inverters are among the products available in our portfolio. For certain projects around Europe, we may also offer harness assistance and installation in collaboration with EXO Industry.


Testing & quality

Testing and quality control made by professional engineers. We assist you in securing your products for future use and customer delight.

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