Energy storage system

Energy Storage System (ESS) is designed to efficiently store energy for future utilization. The system serves a multitude of purposes, such as smoothing out energy demand spikes, providing backup power during blackouts, and using wind, solar, and the grid to store excessive energy for later use.

Made of safe and reliable LiFePo4 batteries, holding all essential certifications needed. Choose between standard Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) or opt for customized battery solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

How does battery storage work?

The battery storage system (BESS) could be connected and charged by energy from natural energy sources such as solar and wind power, but it can also be connected directly to the grid. An inverter, connected to the system, transforms the power from AC to DC and the other way around depending on the purpose.

The BESS is constructed using prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells, which is a type of Lithium-ion chemistry (Read more about Lithium-ion in the article “What is lithium-ion and how does it work??”).

Battery storage solutions

Sparq has developed a modular and scalable Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) tailored for various applications to meet specific project requirements. The BESS offerings are categorized into three types: Residential, Commercial, and Utility-scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS), each customized to address your unique needs.

Battery storage System

Energy storage – examples

BESS are tailored to meet your needs for both indoor and outdoor applications. Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, we specialize in customized solutions. Collaborating closely with clients, Sparq adapts the Energy Storage System (ESS) to various scenarios. Whether you prefer standard solutions or entirely customized projects, we align with your design and functionality specifications.

Sparq container for ESS.


ESS for large-scale businesses. Standard containers or completely customized solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.


Industrial buildings

Function as backup power, for peak shaving and load shifting. Maximizes the self-consumption of the renewable electricity production.

Powerbox - ESS.


Powerbox for home on/off-grid applications. Suitable for use with both single-phase and three-phase inverters, featuring a built-in smart Battery Management System.

Battery storage projects

Our offices are located in Sweden, France, and Italy, but our services cover a wide span across Europe. Our representatives speak various languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, English, French, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese, ensuring seamless support for your inquiries.

Energy Storage System - Scandinavian style

In the development of our energy storage systems, we carefully considered various parameters, focusing on both functionality and design. We kept Sparq’s Swedish roots in mind, aiming to showcase them in a positive light with a distinctive blend of modern Scandinavian design, coupled with a name inspired by Swedish nature.

Every project is supported by a specialized team with engineering expertise, involving you as a customer throughout the process. So, relax and let us handle your specific needs with utmost care and precision!

Other offers from Sparq

Sparq specialize in providing comprehensive battery solutions for various industries, tailoring our products to suit the unique requirements of each project, regardless of complexity. Our team of product specialists collaborates closely with clients to identify solutions that align with expectations, budget considerations, and specific requirements. In addition to Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), our product portfolio extends to other areas, emphasizing high-quality batteries.

Industrial batteries.

Industrial batteries

Primary and rechargeable batteries for industrial applications.

Ensuring optimal functionality for every project.

ESS - maritime.

Maritime Energy Storage

Energy storage system made of LiFePO4 batteries for maritime industry.

Ideally suited to meet a variety of customer preferences.


Sustainable supercapacitor

Supercapacitor for the IoT market made from bio-based materials.

Integrated with a variety of low-power applications.

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