Our partners.

Ligna Energy

Ligna’s supercapacitor, made of bio-based materials, focuses on self-powering electronics and is highly suitable for the IoT market. A product, considering its size, offers excellent sustainability impact with low energy for a more extended amount of time. The collaboration with Ligna Energy is a way of creating awareness for sustainable solutions within IoT. 

EXO industry

EXO Industry is an engineering company specializing in battery system development and manufacturing in Europe. The portfolio includes battery assembly, customized packs for various applications, and engineering services for projects of all sizes.

ISO 9001 certified, with a development center located in the heart of France.

Cling Systems

A Swedish startup company with a mission to enable the repurposing, reusing, and recycling of end-of-life batteries. In collaboration with Cling Systems, the partnership aims to assist businesses in reducing the environmental impact of batteries and fostering a more circular economy.


Swedish aggregator company providing contemporary solutions in renewable energy production. The collaboration between Sparq and CheckWatt aims to help diverse entities balance the grid by strategically deploying energy storage systems where they generate the most value.


Technology service company specializing in software and embedded solutions, engineering, and technical communication. Etteplan offers expertise in battery industry laws and regulations, supporting Sparq with specific project and process knowledge.


Qoitech creates development tools and solutions for energy optimization of battery-driven devices. By enabling ease of use, their products help developers and engineers throughout the stack to develop for longer battery life, shorter development cycles, and lower maintenance costs.

Haidi Energy Logotype

Haidi Energy

Haidi Energy, a leading global producer of lithium-ion batteries and systems, employs fully automated production lines to maintain consistently high-quality standards. The collaboration between Sparq and Haidi focuses on delivering diverse businesses a range of energy solutions for various applications.

Lithtech Energy

Lithtech Energy focuses on becoming the most reliable strategic partner for energy storage systems. The company prioritizes investments in scientific research and technology, boasting over 60 intellectual property rights, including three international invention patents. 


Swedish Cleantech

Swedish Cleantech is a platform that gathers information about Swedish cleantech and Swedish companies within the cleantech sector. The website is financed by the Swedish Agency of Economical and Regional Growth and managed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

ATEE France

Established in 1978, the Association Technique Energy Environment (ATEE) unites companies focusing on energy and environmental matters. ATEE plays a vital role in keeping its members informed about the latest technical innovations, economic trends, pricing, and national/international regulatory developments.

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